Indonesia - Sumba

Indonesia - Sumba

Sumba not Sumbawa, as it is frequently mistaken, and definitely not Zumba that exercise dance thing, Sumba of East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia is an untouched gem. It's land area is comparable to Bali and houses approximately 700,000 Sumbalian's. If unspoiled Indonesia is your piece of pie than Sumba is the slice you've been craving. In all honestly if this island hadn't randomly popped up in conversation with a local Balinese, Jayde and I probably wouldn't have given it two thoughts to visit, but I'm glad it did.    

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Sumba is located South East of Bali and takes approximately one hour via plane. It is barren, desolate, primitive and undeniably beautiful. If you've been to what you consider a 'poor community' think again. Thatched huts, Buffalo's to plow the fields and days spent weaving textile fabrics is whats on offer in Sumba. I'd swear most locals had not seen a petite blonde bombshell and a 6'2 hunk of a male specimen before. Some areas I had to restock my pen ink to make sure I didn't miss an autograph opportunity. We were very warmly welcomed. 


This little legend was carrying water to his village from the local watering hole. 


Waimarang waterfall was just spot on.

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Rolling hills of Wairinding

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Hands down best lagoon i've been in. Weekuri lagoon.


We decided to opt for a driver due to the remote locations, unreliable cellular coverage and the sheer uncharted land that is Sumba. We flew into Waingapu to explore the East coast before traveling west to mosey around. If you'd like a more detailed run down please click here. If traditional Indonesia is your cup of teh then I highly recommend visiting this island. Sumba was an extraordinary trip.  


Civi's Secrets to Success:

  • Language of Love - English here is as you'd expect, foreign. My pictionary skills got a real workout and turned out to be quite the saviour. My advice, brush up on your Indonesian as it might save your under garments. P.S toilet translates to toilet. You are welcome.
  • A hug is not a gift - Upon arrival at traditional villages, you will be greeted by the elder chief whom welcomes you to their home. It is encouraged to bring small gifts for the children. As you can imagine they don't have much and resources are hard to come by. Jayde and I were not aware of this till the last minute. We provided colouring books and coloured pens which we were a little skeptical of supplying - but they loved. 
  • Centre Stage - Be ready for lingering eyes. I'd assume it is due to the fact that Sumba hasn't been a tourist destination until quite recently and a consistent visit from the western folk is rare. My advice would be to just roll with it. I felt like a multiple platinum selling musician, Academy award winner and astronaut all at once.
  • Snack Pack - Places to eat are few and far between. We packed an extra serving from breakfast to eat for lunch everyday, otherwise id be unintentionally fasting for the day. And I hate fasting.



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