Indonesia - Gili Islands

Indonesia - Gili Islands

The Gili Islands of Lombok

And to think I knew the definition of the word relaxed. The Gili Islands of Lombok, which can be added to my magical 3, consist of Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Tra..Trawan...Trawangan..........Gili T.

Fun Fact with uncle Civ: Gili actually translates to the word Island and the word Bintang translates to the word star. So sit back, enjoy a star and read about our adventures gili hopping on the Gili's. 

Gili T
Daryl Braithwaite

The Gili islands to date are the smallest in size on which i've planted my crocs. You can peddle your way around the whole island in about an hour. They are also the most beautiful with clear blue waters and white coral sands. The Island has only three mopeds so the best way to get around is by push bike. So dust off your lycra and pop some glucose tablets because you are in for the ride of your life. 

Gili T being the main island of the three, is famous for its sunrises and sunsets. It is an odd feeling being able to witness the sun rise and set behind the oceans horizon every single day. The unique benefits of small island living, together with the starry night in all its glory. There is a smorgasbord of restaurants and a flurry of accommodation choices which is ridiculous considering the size of the island. Like it's tiny. Where do the locals live cause they ain't bunking with me? 

We didn't get to pop over to Meno (middle island) so if I was to choose between T and Air, I would choose Air. It's not as crowded as T and not as many horses running around. It's very VERY chill. The southern points in particular are outstanding.

Gili Sunset
Photo 11-5-18, 1 20 33 am.jpg
Gili Air
Gili T

Civi's Secrets to Success:

  • Darly BraithMate's - Remember it is Indonesia and animal welfare (horses) doesn't seem to be a key priority for them so my advise is do what you please, its your holiday, we however refrained from any animal activity. On a good note, some horses did get to play in the ocean at sunset which was amazing to witness. 
  • Spoilt for Choice - There are so many companies which offer transfer services between the islands. So ask around until you get the best price. If you didn't finalise on a good price then swim. It's not that far between. You may not be able to read sarcasm so fyi that last comment was sarcastic.
  • Get Jiggy - Once again this is a developing country so don't expect paved roads as smooth as some of my one liners. Case in point, I had my camera chilling in the front basket of my bike. enjoyed a lap of the island bouncing up and down, and at some point all the photos i'd taken that morning had been deleted. I was livid and ready to the throw the bike into the deep abyss. I'd taken the best photo of Gary the goat which no one will ever get to see.. 


Accommodation on Gili T

  • Gili Breeze - Two thumbs up 
  • Havana Hideaway
  • Sahara Sands

Transport from Bali to Gili

  • Patagonia. Nice modern fast boat.  

Gold Coast, Australia born photographer. Currently living in Bali, Indonesia.