Sumba Extended

Sumba Extended
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Here i've just thrown together a little itinerary of our trip plus some additional photos (insert thumb up emoji).


Day 1 - We flew in from Denpasar and arrived mid morning to a lovely little airport based in Waingapu. From there we proceeded to get some lunch before heading to our first stop of the tour, Wai Marang waterfall. Took approximately 2 hours down the south east coast to reach but totally worth it. Amazing spot.


Day 1 continued - We then headed to our hotel to check in for the next two nights. We stayed at Padadita Hotel. There are a limited amount of hotels to choose from in the area. This particular establishment was actually very clean and modern, good spot.

Day 2 - We headed north for a scenic 2 hour drive up the coast line before veering into the hills. Our first stop was Air Terjun (waterfall) Tanggedu. The drive through the hills was spectacular. The walk through the local village and grassy fields was even better. And of course the waterfall, which being located in valley surrounded by rocky cliffs, was stunning. 

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Day 2 continued - After guzzling some much needed coconut water, we heading back south to Walakiri Beach for sunset. We arrived with a few hours to spare before the setting sun did it's magic. It was here we found the greatest eye opening experience we couldn't have planned for. We stubbled upon 8 local kids playing a game of soccer on the beach front. We both watched for a solid 2 hours just admiring how much fun and excitement they were all having. It was truely amazing. Not to mention the white sandy beach and palm tree covered coastline made for a picturesque afternoon. This was a sensational location and a great way to conclude the second day.

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Day 3 - Involved the drive from East to West with some sight seeing spots along the way. First stop was the rolling hills of Wairinding.

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Day 3 continued - Followed by a stop at Air Terjun Lapopu.

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Day 3 continued - And a quick stop at Desa Adat Prai Ijing

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Day 3 continued - We finished the coast to coast adventure by checking into our accommodation of Hotel Sinar Tambolaka. Not as accommodating as the first stop, yet everything we needed for a cheap price. 


Day 4 - This involved exploring the western beaches of Sumba. First stop was Mandorak Cove. 

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Day 4 continued - The next stop was probably our favourite, all though it was hard to pick with the ever growing list. It was the blue lagoon of Weekuri. This hidden lagoon which housed the clearest blue water I have ever seen was just magical. And was even better to swim in.  

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Day 4 continued - The drive recommenced where we headed down south to the very old and traditional village of Ratenggaro. Here you are first welcomed by the chief whom grants you access to his village. Of course they come flying at you trying to sell their hand crafted goods. Once the rampage dissipated the exploration of this tranquil village was grand. 

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Day 4 Continued - Sunset time. The viewing platform was Bawana Beach. 

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And that concludes Sumba. Overall it has been one of my favourite destinations to date. The main tourist island of Bali is great, however can get repetitive and 'touristy'. Sumba was a much needed change of pace and home to scenically beautiful destinations. In terms of a photographic collection, in my books it is up there with New Zealand.

Our tour was run by Java Adventure Trail. Check them out for a range of different itineraries. They were well organised and made us feel safe the entire time which was all you can ask for. Three thumbs up.

Some final photos of the trip. And of course if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask :)

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